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Understanding the specific terms of code of ethics, management style, hiring practices and compensations norms, we at Talent Global, provide specialised HR consultancy services and value added services and recruiting solutions to our clients.

Over the progressive span of our existence unlike many other HR agencies, we offer specialised services in following industry vertical

1) Telecommunications :

Telecommunications is important for two reasons. First, it plays a vital role in the organization and operation of the modern global economy. Second, the problems associated with regulating and organizing the telecommunications industry have stimulated a great deal of economic analysis that is important in its own right and relevant to other sectors of the economy as well.

Telecommunications and the Information Age Economy
It would be difficult to overstate the significance of telecommunications in today's economy and virtually impossible to overstate its likely importance in the future. In the last quarter of the twentieth century, telecommunications has become the central nervous system of the economy. Just as the railroads once promoted economic growth and development, telecommunications is now globalizing markets, reducing transactions costs, expanding productivity, and directly increasing economic well-being.

2) FMCG :

The current trend of the market shows that big farms are turning into world players and the small companies catching up fast with them. The study of the market shows that the following factors have contributed to the growth of FMCG industry in India.

Large base of consumer –
The exploding population of the country has worked in favor of the growth of the industry. The FMCG companies of India enjoy a continuously growing consumer base.

Purchasing power –
Over the years, the purchasing power of the Indian population has grown manifold and due to this the demand for FMCG products has also gone up. This is also encouraging the FMCG companies to introduce newer products to satisfy the changing taste of consumers.

Competitive market:
The Indian FMCG market is extremely competitive. Even the top companies are finding it difficult to retain their top position in the market because of fierce competition. New companies are coming up regularly, forcing the established companies to improve on their current product range.

Media: Television now has reached even the most interior parts of the country and as a result, commercials are enticing new consumers to try new products thereby improving the demand for FMCG goods even in the rural areas of India.

3) Information Technology :

The information industry or information industries are industries that are information intensive in one way or the other. It is considered one of the most important economic sectors for a variety of reasons.

There are many different kinds of information industries, and many different ways to classify them. Although there is no standard or distinctively better way of organizing those different views, the following section offers a review of what the term "information industry" might entail, and why. Alternative conceptualizations are that of knowledge industry and information-related occupation. The term "information industry" is mostly identified with computer programming, system design, telecommunications, and others.

4) Banking & Insurance :

Banks are one of the most important part of any country. In this modern time money and its necessity is very important. A developed financial system of the country ensure to attain development. A modern bank provides valuable services to a country. To attain development there should be a good developed financial system to support not only the economic but also the society. So, a modern bank plays a vital role in the socio economic matters of the country.

5) Consumer Durable :

The Consumer Durables industry consists of durable goods and appliances for domestic use such as televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines. Instruments such as kitchen appliances (microwave ovens, grinders etc) are also included in this category. This industry includes all those goods which are durable i.e. Products whose life expectancy is at least 3 years. These products are hard goods that cannot be used up at once. According to recent industry reports, the steadily growing market for consumer durables is estimated at Rs. 300 billion.

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